Self-Build Help

The iCaddy Apps 'Help Framework' makes the build process as simple as possible via a series of easy-to-read support tutorials.  Each tutorial contains step-by-step instructions & screen-shots to guide you through every stage of the build.

Our online support framework is a great source of information.  To ensure the build process is efficient and hassle-free, we recommend reading each tutorial prior to undertaking a specific activity.  Alternatively, refer to the relevant tutorial for assistance at any stage during the build.

Click on any of the five help categories below to reveal the tutorial list for each category.  Please read '1.1 Before You Begin'    to familiarize yourself with the website's main pages and functions before getting started.

If you have a query at any time throughout your build, please refer to the relevant tutorial.  If you require further assistance, please contact us via the 'Support Email' link (located at the bottom of each web page) and one of our friendly support staff will provide a solution as soon as possible.

We're sure you'll enjoy building an iCaddy App for your Golf Club!

      1.   Build Procedures

1.1     Before You Begin

1.2     How to Select a Template

1.3     How to Start Editing Your App

1.4     How to Change Background Images

1.5     How to Edit 'App Store' Properties & Multimedia

1.6     How to Edit 'Play Store' Properties & Multimedia

1.7     How to Add Your Club's Logo to a Page

1.8     How to Edit Hole Map Images

1.9     How to Edit Hole Information

1.10   How to Add a File to 'In-App Resources'

1.11   How to Edit Sponsor Images

1.12   How to Edit Score Card Information

1.13   How to Edit a Telephone Link

1.14   How to Edit a Text Message Link

1.15   How to Edit an Email Link

1.16   How to Edit a Button

1.17   How to Add a New Page to Your App

1.18   How to Duplicate Your App

1.19   Using the Element Editor

1.20   How to Convert Your App's Platform

1.21   How to Back-Up Your App

1.22   How to Add an Audio File to Your App

1.23   How to Add a Video File to Your App

1.24   How to Edit Pro Tips Information

1.25   How to Edit the Booking Form

1.26   How to Set GPS Link in Your App

1.27   How to Edit Calendar Events

1.28   How to Publish Your App on the Apple App Store

1.29   How to Publish Your App on Google Play

1.30   How to Sync New Content on a Published App

1.31   How to Edit the Weather Page

      2.   Step-by-Step Build Guides

      3.   Dashboard Help

      4.   Page Types

      4.6   RSS & Coupon Page Types

      4.7   Custom Code Page Types

      5.   Previewer Help

Tee off with an iCaddy App for your Club!