How to Edit Telephone Links

Step 1

From the 'Edit Application Pages' screen, select the page that contains the telephone number you wish to edit and click 'Edit' as shown above.

Step 2

On the page selected in Step 1 (above), select 'Layout' at the top left of the 'handset display'.

Step 3

Hover your cursor over the 'Element' on the 'handset display' that you wish to change.  The 'Element' will then be highlighted (and 'Click to Edit A' will appear at the top left of the image).

Click on the highlighted 'Element' to go to the 'Element Editor'.

Step 4

'Element Editor 1'

'Element Editor 2'

Note:  There are two types of 'Element Editor' windows that may open, depending on the App template selected.  For detailed information on using either 'Element Editor', go to the Using the Element Editor in Layout tutorial.

To use 'Element Editor 1', select the 'HTML' tab from the list on the left-hand side.   Click on the 'pencil' symbol circled above.  The 'Action' list will appear (as shown in Step 5 below).

To use 'Element Editor 2', click on the upper 'pencil' symbol (1) next to the upper 'Link' field.  The 'Action' list will appear (as shown in Step 5 below).

Important:  When using 'Element Editor 2' to edit a telephone link, after completing the following step, the process needs to be repeated by returning to the 'Element Editor' window and clicking on the lower 'pencil' symbol (2) shown above.

Step 5

After clicking on any of the 'pencil' symbols described in Step 4, the 'Action List' will appear along with a box to enter relevant data.

Click 'tel' from the 'Action List' (make sure the 'tick' is indicated next to 'tel').

Enter the desired telephone number in the 'Phone' field.

Click 'SAVE'.

Note:  The 'Action List' allows you to 'link' a particular function to the 'Element' selected in Step 3.  For example, the 'Action List' allows you to link a video file, or an audio file, or an external web page to the chosen 'Element'.  For more information on link options, go to the Using the Element Editor in Layout tutorial.

Step 6

Remember:  If you are using 'Element Editor 2', make sure you repeat the process for the lower 'Link' field as described in Step 4.

Step 7

After entering the desired telephone number, click 'APPLY' on the 'Element Editor' and then 'SAVE'.

You can check the telephone link works correctly by downloading and using the 'iCaddy Apps Previewer' App.  For further information, please go to How to Download the iCaddy Apps Previewer.