Custom-Build Services

Want iCaddy Apps to build your App for you? Just follow the steps below and we'll gladly build your Club's App. We'll also publish your App on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store - no developer accounts required. This is the simplest way to get your App up and running quickly.

If you have any questions along the way, just send us an email via the link below and the iCaddy Apps Build Team will be only too happy to help!

Step 1 - Set-up an Account.

Click on this link to Start a 30-Day Free Trial. Choose your Username and Password when registering for your account. You do not need to pay for your custom build up-front. See Step 9 below for further information about the payment process.

Step 2 - Select an App Template (and Version) and Name Your App.

Follow the App template selection and naming process to create your App skeleton. For information on how to select and name an App template, go to How to Select a Template. See Step 3 below for further information about template versions.

Step 3 - Decide on a Custom-Build Option.

Go to the Custom-Build Options page and choose your preferred 'Build Option', depending on which template version you've selected. Enter this information on the Order Form (see Step 5 below).

Each 'Build Option' reflects a different version of each App template.  Each App template has three versions: Standard, Eagle (including hole fly-over videos) or Lite (which has a simplified menu system).  Choose the version which best suits your Club's services and resources.  See the Custom-Build Options page for further information about the three different versions available.

Step 4 - Decide on Your Club's Hole Map Options.

If you require the Build Team to design the 'Hole Maps' for use in your Club's App, indicate this on the Order Form (see Step 5 below). See for further information about our Hole Map Build Option and pricing.

If your Club is supplying its own hole map images, make sure each hole map is appropriately named to reflect its content (e.g. 'Hole_18_map.png').  Save your hole map image files in a known location on your computer for uploading when required.

Step 5 - Complete the online Development Approval (DA) Form.

Access the iCaddy Apps DA Form here.  This form is designed to supply us with the information needed to set-up your Club's App.

URL links to existing online content (for inclusion in your App) can be indicated on the DA Form as required.

Step 6 - Prepare Your Club's Images.

The number of images your Club is required to supply is dependant on which App template you've selected.  General guidance is provided below regarding the number of images required for each template.

iCaddy: Supply any Club logo(s) and a specific color for the background in the App.

iCaddy Plus: Supply the Club logo(s), a background image, or a preferred background theme (e.g. grass, sand, sky etc.) for use throughout the App.

iCaddy HD: Supply the Club logo(s) and no less than 4 (and no more than 12) high-definition photos to be used in the background.  These images need to be in portrait design (i.e. not landscape design) and should be suited to overlaying information over the top.

iCaddy Pro: Supply the Club logo(s) and at least 24 photos of the Club / golf course.  These images need to be in landscape design (i.e. not portrait design) and should include images of the Clubhouse, Pro Shop, Food Service Area and an image for each hole (x18).  Note: If purchasing the iCaddy Pro Lite version, only two hole images are required (for the Front Nine & Back Nine buttons).

Once you've created the image files that you want to use in your Club's App, save these in a known location on your computer for uploading when required.

Step 7 - Upload all the Required Images.

Upload all images to the 'Resources' folder of the chosen App.  You must confirm that all images have been uploaded by sending an email to the build team at:  iCaddy Apps will then complete your build and notify you when your App is ready for Previewing.

For Information on how to upload your images, go to How to Upload a File to Your App's 'Resources'.

Note: DO NOT UPLOAD images as a .ZIP file, as this will overwrite all the other (default) files in the App's resources.

Step 8 - Download the the iCaddy Apps Previewer on Your Device.

Download our Previewer to test-drive your App.  For information on how to download the iCaddy Previewer App, go to How to Download the iCaddy Apps Previewer.

Step 9 - Preview & Approve Your App For Publication.

When your App is ready to preview, we will send you an email to advise. Use your account credentials (Username and Password) created in Step 1, to view your App on the iCaddy Apps Previewer. For information on how to preview your App, go to How to Preview Your App on the iCaddy Previewer.

Check your App in the Previewer to make sure all information and layout is correct and all links are functioning correctly.  If any changes are required, please contact the Build Team.  If you are happy to publish, you must confirm your approval via email to the Build Team.

Build Team Email:

Once final approval to publish your App has been provided, iCaddy Apps will contact you to facilitate payment. On receipt of payment, your App(s) will be published as required. Please contact iCaddy Apps for any clarification regarding the custom-build ordering process.