Before You Begin

The iCaddy Apps build framework allows beginners and experts alike, to build & edit mobile Apps.

The iCaddy templates make it easy to build an App for your Golf Club - simply edit the existing pages with your club's details.

Conversely, the wide range of technical options available in our build framework provides full flexibility.  You can choose to fully customize your App and incorporate advanced functionality if preferred.

If you are new to this type App-building framework, we recommend you use the default App templates (provided) and build your App by following the relevant step-by-step Build Guide.  You do not require any previous developer experience or technical knowledge to build an iCaddy App in this way.  Advanced editing functionality and custom-build options are provided for advanced users and professional developers only.

The build process is designed to be fast, easy and enjoyable.

Before commencing your build, we also recommend you familiarize yourself with Getting Started.