How to Add Your Club's Logo to a Page in Your App

Step 1

Step 2

From the App's 'Dashboard', select 'EDIT PAGES'.
From 'EDIT PAGES', select the page you wish to edit from the page list.

Step 3

Step 4

On the chosen page, select 'Layout' (located at the top left of the 'handset display').
Hover your mouse over the image on the 'handset display' that you wish to change.  The image (Element) will then be highlighted (and 'Click to Edit IMG' will appear at the top left of the image).

Click on the highlighted image to go to the 'Element Editor' for that image.  The 'Element Editor' window will appear.

Step 5

In the 'Element Editor', select 'HTML'.

Step 6

Click on the Pencil symbol (shown above).  The 'RESOURCE MANAGER' window will appear.

Step 7

If you have not already uploaded the required image into the 'Resource Files' for this page, select 'UPLOAD'.  If you have already uploaded the image into the App's 'Resource Files', select the file, click 'CHOOSE' and skip to Step 12 below.

Step 8

Locate the required image from your files (stored locally on your computer).  It is important to remember that file names to be uploaded into the 'In-App Resources' must have NO SPACES and only contain letters, numbers and underscores (e.g. Example_File_Name_1).

Step 9

After selecting required image, click 'Choose' (or 'Open, depending on your operating system).

Step 10

Wait for the file to upload.  You will then return to the 'RESOURCE MANAGER' window.

Step 11

Once the file is listed, it has been added to the 'In-App Resources' for your App.  You may need to scroll down the list to locate a recently uploaded file.

Click on the file to check the file has uploaded correctly.  A preview of the selected file will appear on the left-hand side.  To assist searching, you can filter the file list to display image files only, by selecting the 'Image Button' (located on the top row of the 'RESOURCE MANAGER').

If the file has been uploaded correctly, click 'CHOOSE' to return to the 'Element Editor'.

Step 12

In the 'Element Editor', select 'APPLY'.  This will insert the image into the 'Element' (selected in Step 4 above) & return you to the 'EDIT PAGES' screen.

Step 13

Click 'SAVE'.

You can now view the new logo on your phone (or any other changes made) by downloading the 'iCaddy Apps Previewer' App.  For further information, please go to How to Download the iCaddy Apps Previewer.