New Revenue Streams

Increase Revenue & Profit

iCaddy incorporates various profit-generating options.

Sponsorship & advertising options allow Clubs to charge a fee for advertisements featured throughout an iCaddy App.  This revenue stream can offset subscription costs to ensure iCaddy is a revenue positive venture for your Club.

Drinks Cart & Food Order options make it easy for players to order food & drinks on-course (increasing bar & bistro sales).  

Bookings are made easier with a simple-to-use Booking Page (increasing online booking potential).

Increase Bookings

The iCaddy range of exclusive templates includes an easy-to-use 'Booking Form' that can send booking information to an email address of your choice.

This facility also allows a Club to send an automated booking confirmation message back to the customer quickly and easily.

Alternatively, if your Club operates an online booking system, you can link the In-App Booking Form directly to your Club's online system.

Increase Bar & Bistro Turnover

iCaddy maximises the opportunity to increase sales from your Club's facilities (e.g. pro-shop / restaurant / bar / drinks-cart service), by allowing players to order food and drinks (on-course) via text or call functions within the App.

Timely pre-ordering of food en-route to the Clubhouse improves efficiency and minimizes time delays - increasing customer service.

Increase Sponsorship

Clubs can establish new and innovative revenue streams by including sponsor advertisements in an iCaddy App (e.g. on hole map pages).

In-App advertising is a great way to attract additional Corporate business to your Club.

Not only can Clubs benefit from the extra services offered to players and members, with an iCaddy App, your Club can also benefit from the mobile marketing boom!

In-App advertising is completely optional.

Increased Customer Service

iCaddy offers breakthrough customer service!

All iCaddy Apps are designed to benefit Golf Clubs by providing services that encourage continued use - while players benefit from the easy-to-use exclusive features.

iCaddy's range of features will make your Club the first choice for golfers looking for a Club that offers the highest level of customer service to it's players and members.

iCaddy also increases your Club's digital exposure and maximizes the benefits possible from the ever-increasing use of Smartphone Apps.

iCaddy Apps are the Golf Club App Specialists!
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