D.I.Y or Custom Built Apps

Build Your Own App

The iCaddy Apps build framework makes it a breeze to build your own App - at your own pace.

If you can rename a file and resize an image (using photo editing software), you can build an App in the iCaddy Apps framework - its that easy!

Our great range of tutorials & help pages provide detailed information, screenshots and simple   step-by-step instructions designed to make it easy for anyone to build an App for their Golf Club.

Alternatively, task existing in-house I.T. staff or webmasters to build your Club's App as a new project.  Our intuitive build framework provides unparalleld flexibility to customize your App as much, or as little, as you want.

Custom Build Options

If your Club doesn't have the time or resources to build your own App, the iCaddy Apps Build Team are ready to help.

We can build your Club's entire App (including the development of hole maps) if preferred.  Choose from our 'Ready-to-Go' range of Apps in the Ready-to-Go Options page.

If we build your App, you can still choose to maintain it yourself, or you can opt for the fully-managed subscription plan and simply submit any change requests to the Build Team to update your App for you.  Either way, your Club is in control.

iCaddy Apps are the Golf Club App Specialists!
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