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iCaddy Apps are the Golf Club App Specialists!

Our exclusive range of App templates includes so many great features:

-  Individual hole map & course map pages

-  Pro-tips / hole playing guides (text / audio)

-  Local rules page for your Golf Club

-  GPS map facility (shows location on course)

-  Booking facilities (phone / SMS / booking form)

-  Drinks cart call-up facility (phone / SMS)

-  Restaurant / bistro sales facility (phone / SMS)

-  Score card (calculates total & retains score)

-  Links to your Club (ph. / email / website / map)

-  Links to social media .....and much more.

To see the full list of features click here.

The flexibility of the iCaddy Apps build framework makes it easy to tailor one of our templates to suit your Club's existing branding & marketing profile (e.g. logos, imagery, overall design & look).   With over 20 button types to choose from and endless page variations available - each App is fully customizable.

Our online App development framework is a unique business development tool that not only enhances the 'golfing experience' and customer satisfaction - it also provides Golf Clubs with a cutting-edge mobile marketing platform to increase revenue for your club.

iCaddy is set to revolutionize the way Golf Clubs interact with players, members and the public.    For further information on how iCaddy can benefit your Club click here.  Start building an iCaddy App for your Club today!


iCaddy is a simple 5-tab App with fixed tabs on all pages and is the easiest template to set up.

The user-friendly format keeps the functionality simple & makes it easy to navigate to any page or function.

With only your Club's contact details, logo and hole images required, iCaddy requires the least amount of work to complete the App.

iCaddy provides the means to quickly increase player interaction with your Club's services.

iCaddy Plus

iCaddy Plus has similar functionality to iCaddy, however this App has a special themed background of your choice (such as bunker sand, golf ball dimple pattern, putting green, woodgrain, water pattern etc.) or any other background your Club prefers (to suit your existing brand).

iCaddy Plus has a default (white) rounded button type.

As with iCaddy, you only need to provide your Club's contact details, logo and hole map imagery to complete the App.

iCaddy HD

iCaddy HD showcases images of your Club in high-definition throughout the App.

This template has a simple 4-tab format however iCaddy HD incorporates high-definition images (provided by your Club) in the background of each page.

With a sleek transparent button design that makes the background images really pop, iCaddy HD is ideal for Golf Club's that want to showcase high-quality imagery of their course.

This great App template also includes a modified hole map page that allows the entire hole to be viewed from the default 'zoomed-out' position.

iCaddy Pro

iCaddy Pro has three bottom tabs & 5 'special tabs' built into the top of each hole map page.

iCaddy Pro's design includes large thumbnail images as buttons.  This App template is perfect for Golf Clubs that have high-quality imagery of the course and facilities on file (or are able to obtain the imagery if required).

The combination of upper and lower tabs allows the user to access up to eight functions from any hole map page, including GPS, Course Map, Pro-Tips, Course Notes and Drink Cart call-up functions.

On the 9th & 18th holes, the Drinks Cart call-up function is replaced with the Bistro Menu page, allowing players to see what's on the menu and place meal orders for their return to the clubhouse (minimising delays & maximizing throughput).

iCaddy Pro is a top-shelf App.

iCaddy Versions

Each App template in the iCaddy range has three different versions available (Lite, Standard and Eagle).  The different versions reflect different levels of functionality.

'Lite' versions have limited menu functionality and do not include 'Pro Tips' pages.

'Standard' versions have full functionality including 'Pro Tips' for each hole.

'Eagle' versions include all the functionality of 'Standard' versions, but also include special links to 'hole-flyover' videos.

The pre-formatted App templates are designed to minimize the amount of effort required to customize an App for your Club, however each template can also be customized as little, or as much as you want.

If your Club doesn't have existing high-resolution hole map images available - add a 'Hole Map' build option and let the iCaddy Apps build team create satellite images to use in your App.  How easy is that?

iCaddy Apps are the Golf Club App Specialists!
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