Easy Setup

Easy to Choose

iCaddy makes it easy to select an App suited to your Golf Club.  Every iCaddy App template is available in three different versions (Standard, Lite & Eagle).  Choose the level of functionality that matches your Club's level of resource availability.

'Lite' versions do not include pro-tips and have a reduced number of menu links (to speed up the publication process).  'Eagle' versions have the same functionality as 'Standard' versions, but also include special hole fly-over links to accommodate Clubs that wish to go that little bit further for their patrons.

With native page options and over 20 button types available, all iCaddy Apps are fully customizable.

Easy to Build

The iCaddy Apps build framework has been designed to make it easy to incorporate your Club's images & information to ensure individuality and consistency with your existing marketing profile.

The 'Element Editor' facility makes it easy to edit each element (image, text etc.) as you go.

The iCaddy Apps build framework makes it as simple as possible to build your App while still allowing full customization.

Easy to Preview

The iCaddy Apps system includes 'Previewer Apps' for iOS & Android devices.

Our Previewers allows you to preview your App on your smartphone as you build the App.  Check functionality & design as you go - avoiding mistakes that can't be easily identified using a handset simulator on a computer.

Easy to Publish

iCaddy Apps makes it easy for Golf Clubs to publish Apps on the App Store & Google Play Store.

No Apple or Google developer accounts are required - simply publish under our account by the click of a button.  This process requires no previous App publishing experience - just follow the simple step-by-step instructions.

iCaddy Apps also allows you to publish your App under your own account if preferred.

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