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iCaddy HD showcases images of your club in high definition throughout the App. This template has a sleek transparent button design with four special colored tabs at the bottom of each page. iCaddy HD incorporates extra features including high def background photos and and a weather page. The HD template includes sound snippets and a modified hole page design which displays the entire hole by default. This App provides advanced functionality and looks great on screen.

iCaddy HD Lite includes the same features as iCaddy HD however this template has a reduced number of intermediate menu pages and excludes Pro Tips. The HD Lite template still showcases high definition images of your club throughout the App but is easier and quicker to set up due to the reduced editing requirements. A great looking App which requires less effort to build.

iCaddy HD Eagle includes the full functionality and design elements featured in iCaddy HD including Pro Tips and extended page navigation however the HD Eagle version also includes hole flyover pages. This additional feature allows clubs to upload video footage and flyovers for each hole. HD Eagle is our premiere offering in the HD template range. Take advantage of the full functionality available in this great App to maximize your clubs marketing potential.