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iCaddy Plus is a classic four tab App with fixed tabs on all pages. This template features a customizable background theme such as sand or grass or a golf ball pattern etc. and includes round corner menu buttons throughout. iCaddy Plus features a similar navigation framework to iCaddy to keep things simple. Pro Tips are included as standard and are accessed from each hole map. Clubs can choose from a wide range of background themes to suit existing marketing profiles and imagery.

iCaddy Plus Lite includes the same features as iCaddy Plus however this template has a reduced number of menu pages and excludes Pro Tips. This means the Plus Lite template is easier and quicker to build due to the reduced editing requirements. All templates in the iCaddy range include the option to feature sponsor advertisements and the ability to customize the App further to suit your existing marketing profile.

iCaddy Plus Eagle includes the full functionality and design elements featured in iCaddy Plus however the Eagle version also includes hole flyover pages. This additional feature allows clubs to upload video footage and flyovers for each hole. Our Eagle versions provide a great way to for players to see the layout of each hole or watch an instructional video recorded by your Club Pro. This customer service feature is particularly useful for new players and members.